Oh my goodness!  I just love opshopping, and I especially love opshopping in Tauranga!  Greerton to be precise.
Here are a few samples of the good buys I've managed to pick up.
The first few have a little bit of a story in that in my new house in Tauranga I moved the cabinet that had been full of fabric in my sewing room into my lounge, but alas I had no plates to put on it!  That's because all my dinner sets were too big (French Country) to put along the back.  And besides that I kind of wanted the display as a visual thing and didn't really want to dismantle it everytime we had visitors (I know crazy aye!).  Anyway, off I trot to the opshops and find these two beautiful blue china sets within two weeks of each other.  I just know the Lord had saved them up for me and I felt so blessed ...

~ Around July 2014 ~

Opshopping - INVICTUS

Opshopping - HAMPTON COURT

If you're interested in this range they can be purchased at this link 
This next set is so absolutely gorgeous I couldn't believe how blessed I was when I found it ...
Opshopping - PARAGON