Panel 6 | 7 January

Being back at work has slowed things down a bit, but I’m still enjoying the challenge, plus it is the kind of project you can do in half hour blocks … Perfect for when you don’t have a whole day but just a few snatched hours here and there (between taking down the Christmas tree) to sit at the sewing machine.  So here is panel 6, with only three more to go to complete the project.

Day 5 | 4 January 2016


Panel 5


Day 4 | 3 January 2016

Day 3 | 2 January 2016

Day 2 | 1 January 2016

Now I’m inspired…. Loving it … addicted!  It is a challenge for me to work more abstractly and have the unstructured backgrounds.  For instance, above I’ve used the frayed blue cotton and fixed it.  I really like the effects.

So, now, stack up some fabric to inspire me for the rest of the project…



Start 31 Dec 2015 | Day One

Soooo much pinning inspired me to try and create something for my home.  I really like the arty looking free sewing so I’m going to give it a go….

Day 1