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Even though it rained all weekend I thought it was time to make some spring clothes.  Otherwise, spring will have sprung and I will be left with gorgeous spring fabric in my cupboard and nothing to wear.   I’ve had this fabric sitting there for about three years so I’m pretty pleased with this little creation.


Thought I might just whip up a slightly larger bag while my fabric was all over the floor and table!  Fun to make.  Quick and easy … about 40 mins





Have been Pinning little bags for a few weeks now and had an hour spare this weekend so combined my love of freemotion sewing with the bag pattern and, well, love it!  And so handy!


It’s my friend’s birthday this week and I wanted to make her something.  I like it.  Hope she does …


So, I decided that my cross-stitch seems to lie around the lounge quite a lot, waiting for me to pick it up, and well, looks quite messy.  So thought I would see what I could come up with in terms of a bag or something.  I got a few ideas off Pinterest and then checked out my fabric stash and came up with this.  The external cover is a placemat I picked up a few years ago and which I particularly love with it’s denim Paris look. IMG_6788IMG_6791

Oh yes, the blue gingham fabric for the pockets, as you can probably work out, is made from a man’s shirt. The sleeve on the right is quite handy because you can open the buttons and put cotttons in.  I then made a separate bag with zip which sits nicely in the middle of the book for popping the actual cross-stitch in and the pattern book.  Winter Days!


Just getting ready to do a stall tonight at the Ohauiti Market, Ohauiti Settlers Hall, Tauranga, NZ.  5pmIMG_6677


Inspired to make something a little bit different.

I used several floral prints, over part of an antique tablecloth picked up at an opportunity shop.







So you know how I love doing the freemotion sewing, well, I have a Pinterest Board called “Gorgeous Shops” and I thought it would make a nice subject for a picture.  With this one, the fabric behind the windows is the same as my summer duvet cover so the colours match perfectly with my room.  It is pretty.