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This is a prototype for a ‘range’ of hot water bottle covers I’m going to make to sell at the markets!  Real groovy 70’s style pictures on fabric, overlaid on 100% upcyled NZ made blankets. Peace baby!




One minute it was summer, next minute we’re right in the middle of winter! Brrrrr!

Thought I had better whip up a hotwater bottle cover quickly.  Something I can keep in the lounge… you know, matches the decor!  Plus needs to be snugly.  This is a 100% wool baby blanket bought in an opshop… a little bit of old New Zealand that we all love, complete with the blue ribbon trim.  Tidy!


I have a lovely little daughter-in-law.  I hope she likes this little purse I’ve made her for her birthday.  However, how can you not, they are so HANDY!



I started this piece last weekend, Easter weekend, and had to pack my sewing room away, as I do every week, and turn it back into my office.  So I was pleased to be able to finish it this weekend.  The last pieces of orange and red flowers come from a lovely fabric I just cut out to make a top ~ so best I get on with that now!

The evolution of the piece…



The bigger purse has elements like the “Handle with Care” tag and the little bag with the scissor taken off the inside of other garments … just to add a little fun!776685A2-BB36-420C-AC90-EDBB46AA67E0

I started these two bags about 3 weeks ago by pinning on all the lace and things.  Then,  when I had a few moments I would do a little then put it away again.  A good way to keep the creative momentum going when you don’t have time to spend a whole day sewing.  It was nice today to finish them off.  The process for making the bags is from this You Tube Clip.


Easter Friday 2018, what a beautiful day…. relaxing, peaceful, happy!


Along the way…




I actually cut out the base piece from a very stiff table runner that I decided I was never going to use.  It was great for the freemotion sewing as it held really nicely.  So, there will be more where that came from!

Have a good Easter.  Christians choose to remember Jesus at Easter and his death on the cross.  He died for all of us.  Read more about it here  xx

Glorious holidays!  Books, gardening, resting, fishing … sewing!  It was great to start and finish a small mural style freemotion sewing project today …2nd January 2018!



Something a little different than I usually do.   Maybe I’ll start a new one for tomorrow.


So you know how I love doing the freemotion sewing, well, I have a Pinterest Board called “Gorgeous Shops” and I thought it would make a nice subject for a picture.  With this one, the fabric behind the windows is the same as my summer duvet cover so the colours match perfectly with my room.  It is pretty.









So yesterday, Thur 26 Jan 2017, mum gave me some old lace handkerchiefs for my free motion sewing.  I asked if she would like something made from them and she said that would be lovely and could I do a lady.  So I chose the prettiest three lace ones and made this, this morning.

To mum with Love xx




And this is the final panel of the wall hanging … Unless I get addicted to making more and then have them framed individually … Mmmmmmm so many options!