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I decided to try something new, well for me anyway! Just choose random scraps from the scrap pile, one of them, and see what I can create. No pattern required.  I love it. It’s kind of like free motion sewing without the sewing machine, so it’s totally relaxing. I have been pinning these kind of things on Pinterest for a while so I was pleased to finally give it a go. Too easy. Happy.

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So, I decided that my cross-stitch seems to lie around the lounge quite a lot, waiting for me to pick it up, and well, looks quite messy.  So thought I would see what I could come up with in terms of a bag or something.  I got a few ideas off Pinterest and then checked out my fabric stash and came up with this.  The external cover is a placemat I picked up a few years ago and which I particularly love with it’s denim Paris look. IMG_6788IMG_6791

Oh yes, the blue gingham fabric for the pockets, as you can probably work out, is made from a man’s shirt. The sleeve on the right is quite handy because you can open the buttons and put cotttons in.  I then made a separate bag with zip which sits nicely in the middle of the book for popping the actual cross-stitch in and the pattern book.  Winter Days!